So Much For Democracy

Twelve-year-old Astrid has come to Ghana with her family in 1979 so that her father can help oversee Ghana’s first democratic election. Astrid and her brother, Gordo, were told it would be a great family adventure, but they soon find out that everything about Ghana is difficult—the heat, the food, the threat of disease, the soldiers on the roads, the schools. Gordo fits in more easily than Astrid, who is often left to look after her baby sister, Piper, as their mother begins to fall apart under the strain of living in Ghana. When the government is overthrown, Gordo comes down with malaria and a soldier threatens her family.

Off And Running

The biggest race of the school year is on! Fifth-grader Miata Ramirez is running for class president. Her best friend, Ana, is her running mate. The girls are stunned when they learn they are running against class clown Rudy Herrera and his friend Alex.At first Miata is certain she will win the election. She has big plans to make the school a better place. She’ll clean up the graffiti, plant flowers and trees, and get computers.Rudy’s confident he’ll get votes by promising longer recess periods and selling the students ice cream every day.Miata is serious and means business. But the boys are funnier and louder. The girls think if they quickly change their image, they’ll get those extra votes. But the election is just a few days away.Readers will catch election fever as the boys square off against the girls in Gary Soto’s latest novel featuring Miata Ramirez from The Skirt and Rudy Herrera from The Pool Party.