Elephant Run

In 1941, bombs drop from the night skies of London, demolishing the apartment Nick Freestone lives in with his mother. Deciding the situation in England is too unstable, Nick’s mother sends him to live with his father in Burma, hoping he will be safer living on the family’s teak plantation. But as soon as Nick arrives, trouble erupts in this remote Burmese elephant village. Japanese soldiers invade, and Nick’s father is taken prisoner. Nick is stranded on the plantation, forced to work as a servant to the new rulers. As life in the village grows more dangerous for Nick and his young friend, Mya, they plan their daring escape. Setting off on elephant back, they will risk their lives to save Nick’s father and Mya’s brother from a Japanese POW camp. In this thrilling journey through the jungles of Burma, Roland Smith explores the far-reaching effects of World War II, while introducing readers to the fascinating world of wild timber elephants and their mahouts.

When the Silliest Cat Was Small

A companion to My Cat, the Silliest Cat in the World, chronicling the silliest cat’s younger years. The only thing cuter than a cat is a kitten, and the only thing cuter than a kitten is a kitten who is actually an enormous elephant! After being chosen from a litter of other brightly colored elephants, Gilles’s “kitten” must acclimate himself to his new home. Just like in the first book, the elephant behaves like a kitten should–making a mess, hiding from his food bowl, and waging a war with a particularly tricky stuffed animal.

Elephants And Golden Thrones: Inside China’s Forbidden City

A rare look inside one of the wonders of the world, published in time for the 2008 Olympics in ChinaFor five hundred years, the Forbidden City was the seat of power of China’s emperors. Given rare access to this vast and beautiful complex, Trish Marx and Ellen B. Senisi explore its secrets in full-color photographs and lively, meticulously researched stories. From a grand procession of elephants to the golden nail guards that protected the emperor’s three-inch nails, details large and small bring this fortress to life for young armchair travelers. With contributions from the Palace Museum (the official museum of the Forbidden City), this is a definitive guide and the only book on the subject available for young readers.