Silo And The Rebel Raiders

Ten-year-old Silo Zyco doesn’t know much about his relatives — his father was a mysterious stranger, and the rest of the Zycos were killed in a disaster involving a terrible wave and lots of mud. All he has inherited is a family reputation for thieving, and webbed feet. But Silo, last of the Zycos, does have one thing that others envy. He can see things. Things that will happen in the future.


When fourteen-year-old Jordan and her younger brothers learn they’ll have to ride a rickety plane home for the holidays, they’re a little scared. But when it crashes on a wild and deserted peninsula in New Zealand, they are completely terrified.

Rogelia’s House of Magic

Marina and Fern, eager to learn magic just for fun, convince Xochitl to ask her grandmother, a curandera, to teach them, and as her apprentices the three learn about casting spells, healing, and life.