Wellington’s Big Day Out

Wellington the elephant cannot wait to grow up, but when he receives a jacket that is too big for him on his birthday, Wellington is worried he is too small.

Growing An Artist: The Story Of A Landscaper And His Son

Today Juanito is accompanying his father who is in the landscaping business, and he takes his sketchbook along to draw anything that catches his eye, and gets to help his father plan an entire garden–and then help plant it. Includes an autobiographical note.

The Better Tree Fort

Let’s build a tree fort,” Russell says to his dad when they move into a house with a big maple tree in the backyard. His dad doesn’t know much about building, but he gamely follows Russell’s plan. Several trips to the lumber store later, the tree fort is done. There is no slide, balcony or skylight like Russell imagined, but it is perfect ― right up until he notices another tree fort going up three houses over.

A Crown Of Dragons

Although Michael Malone has completed two missions for the secretive UNICORNE agency, he is still far from finding his missing father. But when he is asked to investigate a scale of a dragon the very same artifact his father researched before he disappeared Michael realizes he’s closer than ever to unlocking the truth.


A young boy and his mother and sister were separated from their father when the Berlin Wall was built between East and West Germany. This story shows the family’s struggle as they try to cross the wall so they can be together again. This spectacular book is based on true stories about the Berlin Wall.

La Casa Del Arbol/ The Tree House: Nivel 1/ Level 1

Quien no sono con tener una casa en un arbol desde donde parece mas facil ser libre y volar? Quien no anhela un sitio exclusivo donde refugiarse y animar los propios suenos? Ramon construye, con ayuda de su padre, una casa en la copa de un arbol de alli…