Lower the Trap

Graeme knows every inch of his fishing community. What’s left for a future marine biologist to discover? But when Graeme’s dad catches a gargantuan lobster with antennae the size of bicycle spokes, Graeme is fascinated. Graeme is even more excited When his dad promises to put the creature up for auction at the town’s annual lobster festival and, if it gets the highest bid, use the prize money to take Graeme to a marine research aquarium. But what if the right thing would be to set the lobster free? Lower the Trap is the first book in the Lobster Chronicles, a trilogy about what happens in a small coastal town when a giant lobster is caught. Each instalment describes the same events through a different boy’s eyes, and the result is three suspenseful, believable stories and an engrossing reading experience.

How to Catch a Fish

Thirteen linked verses and handsome, mood-drenched paintings show how we catch fish–from New England to the Arctic, to Japan and Namibia and beyond.  This lovely picture book–about fishing, geography, people and customs, and the bond between parent and child fishing together–will appeal to everyone who’s cast a line in the water.