The Log Driver’s Waltz

Based on the perennially popular Canadian folk song and animated short film of the same name, The Log Driver’s Waltz showcases a spunky, independent young woman whose parents are keen for her to marry. The town’s well-to-do doctors, merchants, and lawyers try to impress her, but it’s the humble log driver—with his style, grace, and joie de vivre—who captures her attention. When she and the log driver finally meet on the dance floor, their joy leaps off the page.

Romance De El Conde Olinos

This story is about two individuals that cared for each other. It starts with “El Conde Olinos” singing to his horse while he gives him water, on the shores of the sea. The queen hears him and encourages her daughter to listen to the song. The girl innocently reveals the name of the singer, uncovering some loves that are not to the taste of the mother who announces, “ I will send him to kill”. Their threats are fulfilled, and the two lovers die. But the lovers become two birds that will fly together.

Canciones Y Poemas Para Niños

This book of poems by one of Spain’s most illustrious 20th century writers asks questions like: Do lizards cry? No one has ever seen them except poets who have the ability to see wonder whereever. Among the 40 poems selected in this small volume are those songs and verses the poet dedicated to his young friends, modern ‘romances,’ popular folk songs, as well as a lovely collection of fascinating poems.