Cuentos Que Contaban Nuestras Abuelas (Tales Our Abuelitas Told): Cuentos Populares Hispánicos (Spanish Edition)

Estos cuentos han viajado por largo tiempo — sobre montañas, a través de mares y desiertos, llevados por el viento, contados por nuestros antepasados. Ahora llegan hasta ti. Una astuta zorra, un pájaro de mil colores, una gaita alegre, y una jovencita audaz…Esta antología de cuentos populares celebra la cultura Hispánica y sus múltiples raíces — indígena, africana, árabe, hebrea, y española. F. Isabel Campoy y Alma Flor Ada han recontado doce cuentos estelares que reflejan la fuerza del espíritu y la extraordinaria herencia de los Latinos. Cuatro ilustres artistas latinos enriquecen esta colección inolvidable.

Fiesta Femenina: Homenaje A Las Mujeres A Traves De Historias Tradicionales Mexicanas

Drawing from Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, storyteller Mary Joan Gerson celebrates the courage and resilience of the feminine spirit through the stories of seven extraordinary Mexican women. Maya Christina Gonzalez uses radiant colors in a style reminiscent of famous Mexican muralists to capture the spark behind the stories. A folktale collection that will be enjoyed time and again, this is truly a fiesta for the eyes, the spirit and the heart.

La Canción Del Coquí Y Otros Cuentos De Puerto Rico

Three Puerto Rican stories include the title story, which represents the land’s indigenous Tainos; the tale of la Guinea, which is rooted in the nation’s African culture; and la Mula’s tale, a story of Spanish origin.

Henny Penny

Everyone has heard the story of Henny Penny, and how her foolishness led her to a terrible end. But that is the version from the fox’s point of view. In this beautifully illustrated retelling, readers will enjoy a cheery new take on the tale of Henny Penny, who may have been smarter than anyone previously thought. The familiar repetition of silly names and the even sillier antics of the animal characters will win over readers as they have for generations, while Sophie Windham’s gorgeous illustrations bring a fresh new perspective to this heroic hen’s tale.

Goldie And The Three Bears

In this spirited new version of “Goldilocks,” we meet a determined heroine with a mind of her own. Goldie knows exactly what she likes — and what she doesn’t. Can she help it if everyone she invites over is too bossy or too boring or too snobby or too rough? What she desperately wants is a friend who is just right — someone she can love with all her heart. Then one day, Goldie gets off the bus at the wrong stop, walks to a nearby cottage to find help, and opens the door. . . Diane Stanley, author and illustrator of Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter, once again takes an old tale and gives it a fresh spin that is funny as well as perceptive. Readers will love accompanying Goldie on her up-to-date adventure and discovering the clever, heartwarming surprise at its end.

Can You Guess My Name?: Traditional Tales Around The World

canA companion volume to the critically acclaimed Nursery Tales Around the World, this collection is the perfect step up from nursery stories. Fifteen wonderful read-aloud tales from many different cultures are grouped together by familiar tale types: stories like “The Bremen Town Musicians,” “The Frog Prince,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Rumplestiltskin,” and “The Three Pigs.” Folklorist Judy Sierra”s inspired retellings are once again paired with Stefano Vitale”s richly detailed illustrations. The stunning art evokes the visual traditions of the tales” varied countries of origin, which include Japan, Scotland, Argentina, and Sri Lanka. This is a must for folklore collectors and a perfect addition to any child”s bookshelf. Source notes, bibliography.