Kikirikí / Quiquiriquí

Marta and Celia have never seen Sunday dinner strut in their backyard, so when Abuela brings home a wily rooster, they are shocked at the rooster’s ugly fate. When the girls accidentally overhear Abuela telling their parents about dinner plans that involve Kiki, they know that they have to save their new friend. They hide him in the closet in their room, but when his joyful cries wake the family at dawn, they know that they’ve been caught. They soon discover that Kiki has a few tricks of his own up his wing, and with a wink, he manages to save the day.

Little Mama Forgets (Melanie Kroupa Books)

Every morning, Lucy tiptoes into her grandmother’s room to
wake her with a gentle tickle. Little Mamá always remembers to
tickle Lucy right back! But Lucy knows there are things her
abuelita sometimes forgets – like the way to the park or how to
tie her shoes. “Two long bunny ears like this,” Lucy shows her.
Still, there’s much that Little Mamá remembers and shares: how
to skip and dance, stories from Mexico, and plenty of hugs and

A lyrical text with Spanish words and phrases and vibrant art
spiced with cultural details capture the give-and-take in this
lively Hispanic family and celebrate the special bonds that exist
between young and old.

Lupe Vargas And Her Super Best Friend / Lupe Vargas Y Su Super Mejor Amiga

Lupe and Maritza are super best friends. When they’re together, they can be anything they want—pirates, scientists, or heroes. When they’re apart, well, life just isn’t as fun. This is the story of two girls who make each day a new adventure. And when they get into a spat—which is inevitable even among the most super, best of friends—they have to find a way to make it right. And luckily, with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, they do.

The Perfect Pinata/La Pinata Perfecta

Marisa’s sixth birthday was drawing near, and today her mother took her to buy a piñata. At the store, Marisa saw a beautiful butterfly piñata and knew she had to have it. “It’s perfect for my party!” she exclaimed. When they brought the piñata home, her mother wanted to put it in the closet, but Marisa begged to keep it on her dresser. That week Marisa took her butterfly everywhere, and it watched over her at night while she slept. The morning of the party, Mama filled the piñata with candy and toys. Soon the guests arrived. It was time to hit the piñata! Marisa was the first in line. But the butterfly looked down at her with its happy eyes, and Marisa started to cry. “I can’t do it!” she said as she ran into the house.

Off And Running

The biggest race of the school year is on! Fifth-grader Miata Ramirez is running for class president. Her best friend, Ana, is her running mate. The girls are stunned when they learn they are running against class clown Rudy Herrera and his friend Alex.At first Miata is certain she will win the election. She has big plans to make the school a better place. She’ll clean up the graffiti, plant flowers and trees, and get computers.Rudy’s confident he’ll get votes by promising longer recess periods and selling the students ice cream every day.Miata is serious and means business. But the boys are funnier and louder. The girls think if they quickly change their image, they’ll get those extra votes. But the election is just a few days away.Readers will catch election fever as the boys square off against the girls in Gary Soto’s latest novel featuring Miata Ramirez from The Skirt and Rudy Herrera from The Pool Party.

Surprising Cecilia

Surprising Cecilia is the second novel-following the success of Cecilia’s Year-about a girl whose dreams carry her far beyond the small farm community she lives in. Both novels are set in the rich Hispanic culture of the Rio Grande Valley in the 1930s. Cecilia has worked hard so that she can go to high school. Now it’s September-the school bus is bringing Cecilia to the new adventures, surprises, and responsibilities of growing up. Susan Gonzales Abraham and Denise Gonzales Abraham are the daughters of Cecilia Gonzales Abraham, the hero of the Cecilia books. Cecilia’s Year has been selected as the Best Book for Young Adults in 2004 by the Texas Institute of Letters.