Ellen’s Apple Tree

Ellen and her friend Ollie love the apple tree in Ellen’s yard. They play in the tree all year round. In the summer, it’s a perfect secret place and Ellen and Ollie can be apple tree spies. And in the fall, the apples taste delicious. But one winter night, a storm blows the tree down. Oh, how Ellen misses her wonderful apple tree! Ellen’s mama tells her that they can’t get a new tree until spring. It’s a long wait for Ellen and Ollie . . . Winsome watercolor illustrations accompany this sweet story about the natural cycle of a beloved apple tree.

Fire Star

In this thrilling final installment of Chris d’Lacey’s popular trilogy, David Rain is faced with a perilous task. ICEFIRE’s evil sibyl Gwilanna is back, this time determined to resurrect the dragon Gawain on the ice cap of the Tooth of Ragnar. Can David and his friends stop her before it’s too late?

Kali And The Rat Snake

Kali’s father is a snake catcher – the best in the village. Kali knows that is really something to be proud of, but at school he sometimes gets embarrassed. The other children seem to think there is something very strange about having a snake catcher for a father and eating things like fried termites for a snack. Plus, Kali is the teacher’s pet. How will he ever make friends?

The Boy Who Dared

When 16-year-old Helmuth Hubner listens to the BBC news on an illegal short-wave radio, he quickly discovers Germany is lying to the people. But when he tries to expose the truth with leaflets, he’s tried for treason. Sentenced to death and waiting in a jail cell, Helmuth’s story emerges in a series of flashbacks that show his growth from a naive child caught up in the patriotism of the times, to a sensitive and mature young man who thinks for himself.


Everything is always the same for Nutmeg, her Uncle Nicodemus, and her Cousin Nesbit. They eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and supper everyday, and nothing new ever happens. Until the day Nutmeg decides to take a walk. And that’s when everything starts to happen: a mysterious genie gives her a mysterious spoon that whips up a feast for supper—and they have something different to eat! But the spoon keeps on whipping, and soon it’s whipped up the house and everything in it, and the whole house sets sail. To where, they don’t know, but the promise of something different for breakfast and lunch helps them realize that different isn’t always bad.In this wholly original story about coping with changes, David Lucas has created a kindred spirit to his debut picture-book character, Halibut Jackson.

The Collector Of Moments

A solitary boy is drawn to his mysterious new neighbor, an artist named Max. He spends hours in Max’s studio, but Max is secretive and does not show the boy his pictures — until he departs on a journey and leaves behind a surprise exhibition for his young friend. Max’s pictures are strange and beautiful. They depict a realm where things, familiar at first glance, nevertheless behave in the most surprising and unpredictable ways. In this spellbinding picture book, the reader joins the boy in contemplating these challenging images, in a celebration of the power of art to transform the everyday into something magical.


This fictionalized autobiography tells the heartwarming story of a little girl growing up in an unfamiliar place. While other girls her age were enjoying their childhood in America, Jean Fritz was in China in the midst of political unrest. Jean Fritz tells her captivating story of the difficulties of living in a unfamiliar country at a difficult time.

Rex Zero and the End of the World

Why does everyone seem so scared? That’s what the new boy in town, Rex Norton-Norton, aka Rex Zero, wonders as he rides his bike through Ottawa’s streets. Is it spies? Kidnappers? Or is it because of the shadowy creature some say is stalking Adams Park? One thing is certain in this summer of 1962 as the Cold War heats up: nothing is quite what it seems. What’s a boy to do? If his name is Rex Zero and he has a bike he calls “Diablo,” five wild and funny siblings, an alpha dog named Kincho, a basement bomb shelter built of old Punch magazines, and a mind that turns everything inside out, he’s bound to come up with an amazing idea.

Sophie’s Big Bed

Sophie is a big girl now, with a nice, new big-girl bed. But Bunny, Bear, and Scarlett are worried that if the bed is too big, they may get lost under all those sheets and blankets.