Watch Me Grow!

A charming introduction in words and photographs to growing food in the city. The companion title to Up We Grow! is another informative and inspiring book about small-scale, local farming. This time the focus is on raising food in cities, where it can be grown anywhere on windowsills, balconies, yards, boulevards and even rooftops. Children follow the food, from planting and tending to harvesting and eating. Kids also read about sharing in community gardens and community kitchens and about the friendships and sense of caring that grow as people tend their city gardens.

Waiting for the Whales

This book tells the simple story of an old man who lives alone in a house overlooking the sea. His life has assumed a cozy regularity to match the seasons: collecting firewood and clams in wintertime; planting his garden in the spring; and, in summer, watching his beloved orca whales swimming by. When his daughter comes to visit one spring with a new infant, the man has someone with whom to share his love of the natural world–especially the whales.