C’mere, Boy!

In a charming twist on the “boy wants dog” story, this time it’s a dog who begs his mama for a boy, promising to feed it, play with it and walk it; Mama points out that boys are very difficult to train, but Dog knows what he wants and in the end, the determined little canine’s perseverance pays off.

Carlos And The Cornfield / Carlos Y La Milpa De Maiz (Carlos Series)

In this delightful sequel to “Carlos y la Planta de Calabaza”, Carlos is told by his father that “you reap what you sow”. After some humorous experiences, Carlos comes to understand the rewards of hard work and learns a valuable lesson in listening. Full color.

See the review at WOW Review, Volume 8, Issue 4

The Little Red Hen

“Oh joy of joys!” That’s the last line of The Little Red Hen, and it is also the perfect expression of how the book makes readers feel. The beloved story of the hardworking hen and her lazy neighbors, with its Golden Rule message and its sassy finale, is just as relevant and satisfying as ever. And who better to enliven it than the masterful Jerry Pinkney, who, through his warm, winsome, and slyly funny depiction, has created a definitive interpretation of the tale. Cheerful and classically beautiful, this is the ideal edition for every child’s library.

Memories of Babi

Piri is a city girl, but every year she goes to visit her grandmother Babi on her farm in the Ukrainian village of Komjaty. There is a lot that Piri finds strange, even scary, in Komjaty, such as the ghost in the form of a rooster who supposedly haunts the cemetery! But Piri loves country life: making corn bread, eating plums right off the tree, venturing out with her grandmother in the early morning to hunt for mushrooms. And during her time with Babi, Piri learns lessons that will stay with her all of her life, about the importance of honest hard work, of caring for the less fortunate, and of having the courage to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. In these nine stories, Aranka Siegal paints a tender portrait of the love between a grandmother and granddaughter, inspired by her own experiences with her grandmother.