Blu’s Hanging

On the Hawaiian island of Molokai, life goes on for the three young Ogata children after the death of their mother and subsequent emotional withdrawal of their grief and guilt-stricken “Poppy.” The eldest at 13, Ivah is now responsible for the safety and well-being of tiny Maisie, vulnerable and mute since their mother’s passing; and for Blu, her uncontainable brother whose desperate need for love has made him vulnerable to the most insidious of relationships.

Na ‘olelo Hawaii/Say It in Hawaiian

Gives Hawaiian and English versions of several words used in Hawaiian culture

Tūtū Nēnē The Hawaiian Mother Goose

“Tutu Nene: The Hawaiian Mother Goose Rhymes” features classic nursery tales with a local twist. Little Miss Muffet who sat on a tuffet becomes Little Miss Aku who sat on a pohaku (rock), Mary and her little lamb become Malia and her little mo’o (gecko), the itsy bitsy spider becomes the itsy bitsy bufo (frog) and much more.

How Maui Slowed The Sun (Kolowalu Book)

Recounts how Maui uses his magical powers to slow the path of the sun across the sky, thus allowing crops more time to grow, fishermen more time to fish, and children more time to play.

Hoomalamalama: A Hawaiian Language Primer

Learn Hawaiian words and numbers, practice your pronunciation, locate hidden objects, then test your newfound skills with a word puzzle. Each page includes a vocabulary list, pronunciation guide, activity, and English translation. Fun for all ages!

Ka Hulu Kohukohu Animal Sounds In The Hawaiian Language

Join Ho’okohukohu, a lei-adorned red parrot, as she flies through the rolling green pastures of Hawaii, meeting up with all her animal friends. The pronunciation guide and Hawaiian-to-English translation on every page are great learning tools, while detailed illustrations and the parrot’s enthusiasm keep you focused on this interactive text.