My Tata’s Remedies/Los remedios de mi Tata

Tata Gus teaches his grandson Aaron how to use natural healing remedies, and in the process helps the members of his family and his neighbors.

My Grandfather Is a Magician

This is the story of a small Nigerian boy who doesn’t know what job to do when he grows up. His father teaches in a school; his mother owns a bakery; but maybe he should follow his grandfather who seems wiser and more interesting than any of them – for he is a traditional healer.

The Elephant’s Tale

Martine and her grandmother discover that they might lose Sawubona, their African game reserve, to the sinister Reuben James. But a prophecy from Grace rouses Martine and her best friend, Ben, into action. To find the truth and save the reserve, Martine and Ben must stow away in an airplane, which strands them in the desert, thwart Mr. JamesA’s creepy henchman, and rescue a herd of very special elephants from the dangerous Moon Valley. The adventure also leads the kids to answers about MartineA’s destiny. Jemmy, the white giraffe, and Khan, the last leopard, are alongside Martine and Ben as the Secret Valley reveals its mysteries in this satisfying conclusion to the series that began with the #1 ChildrenA’s BookSense Pick, The White Giraffe.

Old Letivia And The Mountain Of Sorrows

Shunned by superstitious townspeople who are suspicious of her healing gifts, Old Letivia, a wisewoman who lives on the rainforest island of Borinquen, journeys into the forest with her two friends and encounters dangerous tests of her courage.

Rogelia’s House of Magic

Marina and Fern, eager to learn magic just for fun, convince Xochitl to ask her grandmother, a curandera, to teach them, and as her apprentices the three learn about casting spells, healing, and life.

The Last Leopard

Martine can’t wait to spend the school vacation riding her white giraffe around the Sawubona wildlife reserve with her friend Ben. But when her grandmother gets a distressed call from an old friend, Martine’s hopes are dashed. They must all travel to Zimbabwe, where Martine will face her greatest challenge yet. Local legend says that the last resting place of the king of leopards is the hiding place of the king’s treasure. Martine and Ben must find and protect Khan, the last leopard in the Matobo Hills, from the poachers and treasure hunters who will stop at nothing to discover if the legend is true. This heart-pounding companion to The White Giraffe and Dolphin Song brings Martine even closer to her own destiny as the child who has power over all the animals.