Gennady Spirin created one original, spectacular oil painting to illustrate thirteen principal events in the life of Jesus: The Annunciation, The Birth, The Baptism, The Child in the Temple, The Fast and Temptation of Jesus, The Marriage at Cana, The Sermon on the Mount, The Transfiguration, The Raising of Lazurus at Bethany, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection, and The Ascension into Heaven. Each section of Spirin’s painting corresponds to the events in Jesus’ life and has been lifted and reproduced to illustrate the book’s Biblical text. A note about the painting and the book’s innovative design is included.

Life Of Jesus For Children (The Light Of The World)

“When the people looked at all the sadness and evil in the world, they had trouble believing that God was in charge. ‘God’s kingdom,’ said Jesus, ‘is as tiny as the smallest of seeds, but when it is planted it grows into such a huge tree that the birds make their nests in its branches.'” Newbery Medalist & minister’s wife Katherine Paterson retells the life of Jesus in simple, beautiful language for all ages, making the story new again through her trademark generosity and compassion. Iconic images from Jesus’s life light the text with the same warmth and directness. A perfect gift book!

Catholicism (Religions Of The World)

Catholicism is the oldest Christian denomination. The Three main branches of Christianity are Catholicism, the Orthodox Church, and protestantism. They believe Jesus came to Earth to teach people to love God and one another. Catholics believe that God listens to their prayers and that saints can pray for them. They believe in the Holy Trinity and that they must serve God in whatever role he chooses for them.