Mohammed’s Journey: A Refugee Diary

After his home was invaded by Saddam Hussein’s soldiers, a young Kurdish boy named Mohammed and his mother take on a daring quest to flee Iraq; risking their lives to travel through several countries in order to reach freedom in England.

Meltem’s Journey: A Refugee Diary

Recounts the story of Meltem and her Kurdish family from Eastern Turkey, who journey to the United Kingdom, and whose courage and resilience lead them to a new home and a new life.

Kurds (Threatened Cultures)

Tucked into a mountainous region straddling the borders of Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, Kurdistan is at the center of one of the most volatile regions in the world–and home to more than 22 million Kurds. This book tells their story, their traditional beliefs and values, and the difficluties of keeping an identity that is under constant threat from other cultures.