Little Fox

Little Fox frolics with butterflies, scavenges for food, and searches for new friends—despite his father’s warning that danger lurks all around. Then one day he takes a tumble, bumps his head, and starts dreaming of things that reflect both the beauty he’s seen and the scary things he’s heard.

The Owl Who Wanted To See The Sun

There are birds that live under the light of the sun and others that only know the night. The owl was a great admirer of the moon. As a true night bird, she had no idea what the sun does. It was only natural, then, that the conversation of the great toad awoke her curiosity. A curiosity that kept growing until it dominated her completely. She had to see the sun, no one could stop her. But the adventure cost her dearly. Caught un an argument witha daytime bird, she ended up with exposing her vision to the sun’s rays, leading to a tragic end: the permanent loss of her vision. A tragedy in the animal world serves as a life lesson for the world of men.

Babushka’s Doll

Natasha isn’t really a bad girl. It’s just that she wants to play on the swing now, not after the wash has been hung up to dry. And she wants her soup now, not after the goats have been fed. Looking after Natasha keeps Babushka, Natasha’s grandmother, very busy.Then, after lunch, Natasha notices a doll sitting on Babushka’s shelf…a doll Babushka tells Natasha she played with just once when she was a little girl. When Natasha plays with the doll while Babushka goes to the store for groceries, she discovers why once is enough with Babushka’s doll…and finds out just how tiring it can be to take care of a child who wants everything now.


Slash is Jeannette Armstrong’s first novel. Slash poignantly traces the struggles, pain, alienation and accounts of a young Okanagan man’s search for truth and meaning in his life. Slash has been adopted for use in high schools, colleges and universities.

Finding Our Way

THESE STORIES TAKE the reader to meet mochos; cholos; Mr. and Mrs. Special; Manny with his mysterious phone calls; Melly, who dreams of being the first girl to take the Dive; Andy and Ruthie, who find that being “boyfriend-girlfriend” takes on new meaning the night of the prom; and Chuy, who seems determined to get kicked out of school. Each distinct voice shares secret thoughts that draw the reader into daily dramas of love, danger, loyalty, and pride. In the final story, a shocking tragedy reverberates through the barrio.“With this collection, Saldaña makes a significant contribution to the field of Latino short stories for young readers.”—VOYA, Starred“These powerfully written, provocative selections have universal appeal and subtle, thoughtful themes.”—School Library Journal“While much is revealed, just as much is implied, making the stories layered and rich while still rendering them accessible.”—The BulletinFrom the Hardcover edition.

Yoon and the Jade Bracelet

YoonJadeYoon wants a jump rope for her birthday so she can play with the other girls in the school yard. Instead, Yoon’s mother gives her a Korean storybook about a silly girl who is tricked by a tiger. Yoon also receives a jade bracelet that once belonged to her grandmother. The next day at school, a girl offers to teach Yoon how to jump rope, but for a price — she wants to borrow the jade bracelet. When Yoon tries to get her bracelet back, the girl swears it belongs to her. Yoon must use the lessons learned in her storybook and her “Shining Wisdom” to retrieve the precious keepsake.

In this third book featuring Yoon, lush impressionistic dreamscapes evoke a simple and timeless message: it is possible to trick a tiger.

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The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

Riley is born happy, and in his short life, is never anything else. Human beings, on the other hand, are never happy. They want to be someone else, somewhere else, looking like something else.