A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality

Touching on folklore from around the world, famed literary immortals, and studies of animals that seem unaffected by aging, the book delves into topics as diverse as genetics, religious rituals surrounding the afterlife, and research into basic lifestyle choices, like eating blueberries or getting a pet, that could help you live longer. Each page is a playful mix of fascinating facts that open up cross-curricular topics in history, science, and social studies to explore.

Thailand (Discovering Cultures)

This book provides a comprehensive look at the country of Thailand.  Surrounded by Cambodia, Laos and Burma, Thailand is at the center of Southeast Asia.  This country offers a mix of cities working farms and a history deep in tradition.  The book is illustrated with color photography which highlights everyday life and cultural events..

Panama (Cultures Of The World)

The authors cover geography, history, government, population, notable residents, and landmarks in a clear, readable fashion about Panama. Brilliant full-color photos and reproductions abound, giving glimpses into historical and modern ways of life. Maps, charts, and graphs are plentiful and informative.