Yellow Moon, Apple Moon

In this delightful bedtime rhyme a young child bids good night to the moon, recalling all the familiar things surrounding her, from her pillow, her book, and her kitten to the swing outside, the robins in the trees, and the starry night.

Lala Salama

An African lullaby in Swahili and English in which a little boy says good night to all the animals and ends with his mother.

Moonsnail Song

April daydreams about the seashore and her search for the moonsnail. Gradually her daydreams become a bedtime lullaby as she drifts in and out of sleep. Reading this book is like holding a seashell to your ear; you can almost hear the pounding of the ocean and smell the sea fresh air.

Baya, Baya, Lulla-by-a

The baya bird of India weaves its nest of grasses and flowers. In this dramatic yet lulling lullaby of a book, such a bird also saves a baby girl’s life.

Nine O’clock Lullaby

When it’s 9 P.M. in Brooklyn, it’s 10 P.M. in Puerto Rico, and midnight on the mid–atlantic. Far from the vroom of New York traffic, the Puerto Rican night is filled with conga music, sweet rice, and fruit ice. In India, villagers begin their morning chores as well ropes squeak, buckets splash, and bracelets jangle. Meanwhile, in Australia, a sly kookaburra is ready for a noontime feast. Marilyn Singer’s rhythmic lullaby, with bright illustrations by Franc. Lessac, gently transports children through different time zones and distant lands. Young readers will travel far from home, then back again, on a glorious bedtime journey.

Skip Across the Ocean

A collection of traditional rhymes and lullabies from different countries.

Lullabies, Lyrics and Gallows Songs

Christian Morgenstern wrote this collection of lyric verses and nonsense poetry, and Lisbeth Zwerger’s work is a perfect counterpoint to Morgenstern’s unusual imagery.