The Crowfield Demon

The chilling sequel to the critically acclaimed CROWFIELD CURSE. In THE CROWFIELD CURSE, young monks’ apprentice Will learned he was gifted with the Sight: able to see beyond this mortal coil into the spirit realms of Old Magic. Protected by the warrior fay Shadlok and accompanied by the wry, wary hobgoblin called Brother Walter, the boy is just coming into his strange powers. But now, from its very foundations, Crowfield Abbey has begun to crumble. As Will salvages the chapel, he discovers something truly terrifying. A heathen creature from a pagan past is creeping up through the rubble avowed to unleash havoc on holy ground!

Tyger! Tyger!

Tyger! Tyger! is a moving fable that expresses hope for harmony between the human and the animal worlds. It draws its inspiration from real life–a Buddhist monastery in Thailand that has for years provided sanctuary for one of the world’s most endangered animals, the beautiful Indo-Chinese tiger.