No Monsters Here

It’s bedtime.  This little boy is ready to climb the stairs and say goodnight.  But father isn’t ready at all.  He’s afraid of monsters;  he doesn’t want to be left alone downstairs.

This brave lad knows how to handle Father.  He’ll patiently lead his parent through the bedtime routine.  Naturally the boy won’t mind looking in the closet, behind the drapes and everywhere in between if it will make his anxious father feel better.  The boy will cheerfully hop into bed for a bedtime story.  And he’ll say, after a final hug, “I’ll hear you if you need me in the night.”  Father should feel much better now.  But what’s going to happen when he has to go downstairs alone?

Maybe there are monsters in the house after all.  But can you guess what they are really after? A reassuring story for confident children and timid parents everywhere.

Tasty Baby Belly Buttons

Urikohime, a girl born from a melon, battles the monstrous oni, who steal babies to eat their tasty belly buttons.

Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 1)

Meet Rossamünda foundling, a boy with a girls name who is about to begin a dangerous life in the service of the Emperor of the Half-Continent. What starts as a simple journey becomes a dangerous and complicated set of battles and decisions. Humans, monsters, unearthly creatures . . . who among these can Rossamünd trust? D. M. Cornish has created an entirely original world, grounded in his own deft, classically influenced illustrations. Foundling is a magic-laced, Dickensian adventure that will transport the reader.


Rossamund Bookchild stands accused of not truly being a human at all, but of being a monster. Even the protection of Europe, the Branden Rose the most feared and renowned monster-hunter in all the Half-Continent might not be enough to save him. Powerful forces move against them both, intent on capturing Rossamund whose existence some believe may hold the secret to perpetual youth.

The Celestial Globe

When Prince Rodolfo’s monsters attack her, Petra Kronos is spirited away to London. As she struggles to escape, Neel and Tomik sail the high seas, in search of her. Though separated by many miles, the three friends draw closer together in this sequel to The Cabinet of Wonders, called “astonishingly accomplished” by Publishers Weekly.

Where The Wild Things Are (Spanish Edition): Donde Viven Los Monstruos (Historias Para Dormir)

Maurice Sendak’s beloved Where the Wild Things Are, winner of the 1964 Caldecott Medal, is now available in a newly revised Spanish edition exclusive to Harper Arco Iris. Spanish speakers and listeners will now be able to join Max as he sets sail and becomes king of all Wild Things.