La Canción Del Coquí Y Otros Cuentos De Puerto Rico

Three Puerto Rican stories include the title story, which represents the land’s indigenous Tainos; the tale of la Guinea, which is rooted in the nation’s African culture; and la Mula’s tale, a story of Spanish origin.

A Birthday Basket for Tia

With the help of her cat, Chica, Cecilia prepares a special gift in honor of her great-aunt’s ninetieth birthday, a celebration basket filled with things to remind Tia of the wonderful moments that she and Cecilia have shared.

Las Abuelas De Liliana: Spanish Hardcover Edition Of Liliana’s Grandmothers (Spanish Edition)

A gentle, loving look at grandmothers. In a book that will be officially published on Grandparents’ Day, a charming girl named Liliana describes how differently her grandmothers live their lives. Mima lives in New England, does yoga exercises, and likes crossword puzzles, for example. The other grandmother, Mama Gabina, lives in South America, enjoys gardening, and likes to dance around the house. The meals they cook are different, the stories they tell are different, but one thing about them is the same: they both love their granddaughter. And Liliana adores them. Leyla Torres’s watercolors show all the warmth and homeyness that are intrinsic in special family relationships.

A Faith Like Mine

A faith like mine is a faithcelebration of the diversity of religious faith, as experienced through the daily lives of children around the world. What do other people believe? How do they pray? When are their holy days? What are the differences between churches, temples, & mosques? ” Come & visit us & our friends to find out what we believe in & how we practice our faith.”

Leona, A Love Story

In early nineteenth-century Mexico, sixteen-year-old Leona Vicario, loyal to Spain and engaged to a wealthy widower, comes to terms with her growing revolt against Spain’s harsh treatment of Mexicans and her love for a young revolutionary lawyer.

Bar Mitzvah: A Jewish Boy’s Coming Of Age

A resource for boys who are preparing for their own ceremonies or wondering what the ceremony feels like–provides the historic background of the bar mitzvah itself, describes its ceremonial objects and rituals, and recounts real-life stories.