Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night

“I don’t like the night,” Baby Badger whispered. Papa Badger took him by the hand. “There’s no need to be frightened,” he said. “The night is wonderful. Let me show you.” Baby Badger is afraid of the night. It’s dark and lonely. But Papa Badger promises there is nothing to fear.  Together they take a nighttime walk, and Papa shows Baby the beautiful colors and shining stars, and just how magical the world becomes when the sun goes down.

How Night came from the Sea: A Story From Brazil

There was no starlight or moonbeams. There were no night creatures and no night flowers to fill the air with perfume. Everywhere there was only sunlight and brightness and heat.

In graceful, deeply felt text and bold, brilliant pictures, this story shows how an ancient African sea goddess brings the gift of night to the land of daylight. With the coming of night there is not only beauty and wonder of night flowers opening their petals at dusk, of stars and moonbeams flickering across the sky, and of the gentle chorus of night creatures, but there is rest, too. For when the dark, cool blanket of night covers everything, the people can then leave their work from under Brazil’s bright, hot sun.

This traditional story expresses Brazil’s unbroken connection to Africa as it show how one woman finds peace and hope in a strange new land. Celebrating all the beauty of the lush, tropical night, here is a tale that will be long remembered.

Nights of the Pufflings

On a tiny island off the coast of Iceland, Halla and her friends wait with anticipation. Every spring, millions of puffins, the clowns of the sea, return to nest, lay eggs, and raise their chicks to pufflings. That means Halla and her friends will be busy in August when the pufflings venture out at night to take their first flight. Then, all of the children stay out all night, too. During the nights of the pufflings they rescue thousands of stranded young birds, and in the daytime set them safely free at the beach. In Nights of the Pufflings, Bruce McMillan captures the unique and endearing story of an island tradition.

I Feel a Foot!

Between two trees, high above grass and ground, Turtle, Bat, Octopus, Bird and Buck are sleeping in a hammock. Suddenly, Turtle opens his eyes. ‘Hey,’ he whispers. ‘Do you hear what I hear?’ Each animal’s imagination runs wild with what wild creature may be making the sound they all hear. Is it a giant turtle? Or a bird with a giant beak? Perhaps it is Bat-Tur-Octo-Bird-Buck. Luckily for the small animals, it isn’t any of these creatures. It is just their old friend Elephant who was out wandering around. The animals invite him to join them in the hammock and soon the wild imaginings about the night noises begin all over again.