One day, Boy and Girl head down the hill with a picnic basket and meet a fancily dressed Sheep, Pig, and Duck. They all set off to find the perfect place to sit outside — until they see Bull coming! A short-lived chase segues into a gentle interactive text as the friends wend their way from an idyllic outdoor world to a welcoming house on a hill.

Nat the Cat’s Sunny Smile

Nat the Cat packs a picnic to share with her friends Billy Goat and Hugo Hare. But Billy feels grumpy and Hugo feels sad, then Nat starts to lose the smile she had. This is the tale of a smile gone astray and how it came back to save the day!

Florentine And Pig

After a week of rain, Florentine and Pig are ready to do something outdoors and decide to have a picnic, but getting the apples needed for Pig’s favorite treat proves to be a challenge. Includes directions for making “Pig’s Pretty Picnic Bunting” and recipes for “Apple and carrot muffins with squidgy lemon icing” and “Florentine’s home-made pink lemonade with fresh berry ice cubes “.

Stanley At Sea

Stanley’s thrown his party — and braved his wild ride. Now Stanley and his pals embark on an adventure that makes sea-dogs of them all! It’s picnic time in the park — but not for Stanley. He knows he’s not supposed to beg, but his people are always eating. And Stanley is always hungry! After he’s told to “get,” Stanley wanders down by the river where he runs into Alice, Nutsy and Gassy Jack. Soon their keen noses lead them to a delicious treat on a small boat with no people in sight. When the boat’s mooring comes loose, they float away with the current down the river, under a bridge and then out to sea! It’s a scary new world where the sky stretches in every direction and big waves crash. The dogs know that when you’re Outside, sooner or later you always come to a fence. When suddenly through the mist they see what looks like a very tall fence, they know they’ve come to the End of Outside! But what kind of fence is this?

Franny’s Friends

Franny and her friends are going on an outing. They find a cozy little place under a tree for a picnic. After a delicious snack, it’s time for an expedition. But Franny has so many friends to keep track of. And suddenly Itty Bitty Kitty and Little Heddy are gone. But no worries, they can’t have wandered too far off. And when the group searches together, it isn’t long before the missing friends are located.