Caribbean Alphabet

Presents an alphabet of images from the Caribbean, such as hibiscus, mangoes, and reggae. Illustrations and vocabulary encourage a sense of place ant there is plenty to look at on each scenic page. The selections combine known and perhaps unfamiliar words with a glossary specific to the Caribbean.

The Great Snake: Stories From The Amazon

As the Rio Afuá ferry wends its way along the Amazon, Sean Taylor takes in not only the sights and sounds of this extraordinary landscape but also the stories of the people he meets. From sly jaguars and the slowest of sloths to spine-tingling giant serpents and white-suited strangers, his retellings teem with legendary beings, vivid color, earthy comedy, and the mysteries of the rainforest. Together, with Fernando Vilela’s dramatic, color-saturated illustrations, they reveal the Amazon peoples’ beliefs and way of life. Notes and a glossary provide additional information about the region.

A Caribbean Journey from A to Y (Read and Discover What Happened to the Z)

Join us in this fun and educational journey through the Caribbean islands, one letter at a time. From Aruba to Trinidad and from Alligator to Yam, you will learn the names of many of the islands, plus fascinating facts about them. A Caribbean astronaut? From which island? Seals in these tropical waters? An island with over 300 rivers? And what is a cok? With beautiful illustrations by Native American artist Earleen Griswold, drawn during her years living in the Virgin Islands, this is a book that you and your family will enjoy opening again and again. It will captivate, entertain, and educate readers from any part of the world. And wait until you see what they did with the Z.