Russia: The Land

This new revised edition of Russia: the Land takes a fresh look at this country’s transformation over the past century. Russia’s economic growth has had an impact on the environment and on the ways of life of its peoples.

Brave Donatella and the Jasmine Thief

The jasmine plant was Duke Cosimo de Medici’s most treasured possession and he went to great pains to keep it all for himself. When the gardener Antonio clips a sprig of the forbidden jasmine for his love, he is sent to prison. Now brave Donatella, Antonio’s beloved, is his only hope for freedom. Antonio and Donatella flee the wrath of Duke Cosimo de Medici, and they use that rare plant to make a fresh start.

El Flamboyan Amarillo

A young boy and his mother go for a walk in the country and are awed by the beauty of a yellow flamboyan tree. After enjoying its company and shade, the child takes one of its seeds with him and plants it. He cares for it over many years and in time the plant grows into a beautiful flowering tree.

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a natural wonder in every way. They are home to an array of flora and fauna found no other place on earth. Explore the beauty and mystery surronding these islands, as well as their geography, wildlife, history, people, and the importance of the preservation of these isles.

Children Save the Rain Forest

A profile of the International Children’s Rain Forest describes the lush beauty of the plants and animals that live there and considers the work and contributions by children all over the world to keep the area preserved.

Linnea’s Windowsill Garden (Linnea Books)

Linnea loves plants. She grows them all over her room – in pots, and crates, even in glass jars.
In this book, she takes you on a tour of her indoor garden. She tells you about her orange tree (and plantable pits and seeds, including melons, tomatoes, and grapes); she shows you how to take a cutting from a Busy Lizzie and how to trim an avocado plant.

And she teaches you what keeps plants satisfied: the art of watering properly (plants don’t like standing with their feet in water) and fertilizing. And what to do when plants are attacked by whiteflies or other nasty bugs.

Linnea also makes garden-cress cheese (from homegrown cress, of course); discusses the pleasures and possible pitfalls of growing an amaryllis; and writes a plant newspaper, The Green Gazette.

Linnea’s Windowsill Garden will informs and inspire anyone who wants to grow an indoor garden of their own.

A Handful of Seeds

One sad day, Grandmother died. “You cannot stay here,” said the man who owned the land. “I have a family ready to move in.” Young Concepcion has no choice but to move to the [barrio] of the nearby city. There she meets children who, in order to survive, must steal the good they eat. But Concepcion has a plan. With back-breaking work she plants a garden amid the rubble, using her grandmother’s legacy: a handful of chili, corn and bean seeds. But her garden is destroyed. Will she have the strength to begin again? Published in collaboration with UNICEF Canada, A Handful of Seeds offers a message of hope on behalf of the thirty million children worldwide who live on the streets of their cities.

Thumbelina Of Toulaba

This retelling of the H. C. Andersen fairy tale is set on an imaginary island in the Carribean.  A tiny girl is stolen from her loving mother and many siblings, has adventures with a wise caiman, an injured bird of paradise, and other exotic creatures, and learns how to say no while fending off suitors. Includes a glossary of plants and animals.