Slightly Invisible

When Charlie insists that his little sister, Lola, leave him and his friend Marv alone to play, she agrees but soon she and her invisible friend, Soren Lorensen, must come to the boys’ rescue.

Two Little Chicks

When two little chicks visit the playground for the first time everything looks scary! Take these rough and tumble tiny books wherever you go! Tuff Books are tear-resistant, easy to clean, and completely safety tested and approved for tiny tuff readers!

Los pollitos dicen/The Baby Chicks Sing

This collection of children’s songs and rhymes celebrates playtime while offering a glimpse into the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries. The selections are by turns playful, joyful, and thoughtful, with exquisite watercolors that make this a book the entire family will treasure.

Join Hands

Friends come together to sing, dance, and play in this tribute to community. Pat Mora weaves the repeating lines of a pantoum, a Malaysian poetic form, into a joyful celebration while George Ancona’s energetic photos capture the ways of enjoying good times with others.

Willow’s Whispers

Willow’s voice, soft and shy as a secret, goes unheard by everyone at school and causes her to no end of troubles. (Having to drink orange juice at snack time when she has asked to nicely for apple is just one disappointment.) After a night of wishing, thinking and planning for a way to make louder words, Willow wakes the next morning with the perfect idea: a magic microphone! But although she fashions if from the sturdiest recyclables, her beglittered invention doesn’t last the school day. Will Willow find another way to make herself heard?