Pin Pin Sarabin

Songs and games bring together, every afternoon, children of diverse backgrounds. This wonderful celebration of the magic of traditional folklore is also a starting point for discussing the elimination of prejudice and discrimination.

The Baby Chicks Sing/Los Pollitos Dicen

A bilingual collection of children’s songs, rhymes, and games celebrates playtime while investigating the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, in a colorful anthology that also includes musical arrangements.

Who Likes The Snow? (Exploring The Elements)

Snow — it crunches when we walk on it, floats down like feathers onto our faces and makes our sleds zoom. But what is snow? And how does it transform the world around us? With a wonderful sense of movement and color, this unique book in the Exploring the Elements series invites children to explore their world with delight and curiosity. Young readers will open the flaps to find the science of snow and related topics clearly explained. Inside, they will discover why snow is white, what snowflakes look like up close, how snow makes the night brighter and much more.

Max’s Dragon

Max is looking for words that rhyme. His dragon is in his wagon – or was, for now its tail has left a trail, which Max follows. He finds an umbrella on the ground— “Found, ground,” he says, while his older brothers mock him for believing in dragons and sitting under an umbrella when it isn’t even raining. But Max believes in possibilities—and when he can show his brothers not only a dragon in the stormy clouds but also a dinosaur, they begin to come round. When Max demonstrates the power of his rhyming words to tame the dinosaur and the dragon and make the rain come, he wins them over completely.

The Firefighters

Children will want to grab their coats and boots and rush straight to this winsome firefighting tale full of sound words and bright illustrations. Our fire engines are fast and noisy — just like the real ones.”From sounding the siren to speeding off in their fire engines, from finding the fire to expertly putting it out, the children love playing firefighters with Mrs. Iverson. They are brave and strong, just like real firefighters. And after a hard day of fighting fires, nothing is better than having two real live firefighters come to visit and getting to climb aboard their big, red, shiny fire engine!

Monkey and Me

Monkey and me, Monkey and me, Monkey and me, We went to see… A little girl and her toy monkey love imitating different animals, everything from jumping like kangaroos to waddling like penguins! Open this book and play along with them.

Minji’s Salon

“You have to be patient; beauty takes time.”While Minji’s mother visits her local salon, Minji creates a world of beauty all her own.An ode to the power of children’s imagination (and their parents’ patience), Minji’s Salon reminds readers that creativity and play are worldwide phenomena.