Whiskers, Tails & Wings

A collection of folktales from Mexico. Senor Grillo, the fearless cricket, uses his wits to battle Señor Puma. Monsi, the humble sea turtle, braves the ocean’s depths for a grain of sand. And persistent Pulga, the flea, makes sure that Man and Woman are itching to get to work.

How Giraffe Got Such A Long Neck– And Why Rhino Is So Grumpy

During a terrible drought in which there is nothing to eat, Man prepares a magic herb that results in Giraffe’s long neck so he can reach the high leaves on the trees and a grumpy Rhino, who arrives too late for the magic.

What the Rat Told Me

One day, the Great Emperor of Heaven invited all the animals to visit him on the Jade Mountain. Twelve animals came, and they became the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. This porquoi tale explains why the cat is not part of the zodia and why the cat and rat are no longer friends. This ancient porquoi tale is adapted from a Chinese Buddhist legend dating from the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) introduces the Chinese zodiac and the animals of the Chinese zodiac to young readers.