El Pueblo Seguirá

Told in the rhythms of traditional oral narrative, this telling of the history of the Native/Indigenous peoples of North America recounts their story from Creation to the invasion and usurpation of Native lands. As more and more people arrived, The People saw that the new men did not respect the land. The People witnessed the destruction of their Nations and the enslavement of their people. The People fought hard, but eventually agreed to stop fighting and signed treaties. Many things changed and became more difficult, but The People continued to farm and create crafts. They remembered and told their children, “You are Shawnee. You are Lakota. You are Pima. You are Acoma…. You are all these Nations of the People.” The People held onto their beliefs and customs and found solidarity with other oppressed people. And despite struggles against greed, destruction of their lands, and oppression, The People persisted.

Los Pueblos (Pueblos Americanos Nativos) (Spanish Edition)

A history of the Indian groups known collectively as Pueblos because of the sculpture-like villages in which they lived at the time the Spaniards arrived in North America.

Arrow To the Sun 30th Anniversary Edition

Viking is proud to announce a special 30th anniversary hardcover edition of Arrow to the Sun, Gerald McDermott’s powerful rendering of an ancient Pueblo Indian legend. A true classic that has taken its place in the pantheon of children’s literature, this book vividly evokes the Native American reverence for the source of all life–the Solar Fire. Acclaimed for its bold and vibrant illustrations, Arrow to the Sun was awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1975.

My Land Sings: Stories from the Rio Grande

A collection of ten original and traditional stories set in New Mexico, including “Lupe and la Llorona,” “The Shepherd Who Knew the Language of Animals,” and “Coyote and Raven.”


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