1968, the year America grew up from racial and gender equality fights to the struggle against the draft and the Vietnam war. In 1968 Americans asked questions and fought for their rights.  Now, 30 years later, we look back on that seminal year–from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assasination to the Columbia University riots to our changing role among other nations–in this gripping introduction to the events home and abroad.  The year we first took steps in space, the year we shaped the present, 1968 presented by a former New York Times writer who lived through it all, shares the story with detail.

The Champion

During World War II, Rex, a young New Zealand boy, finds his life irrevocably changed by the arrival of a wounded American soldier, Jackson Coop, an African American private with a hatred for war, who stays with Rex’s family while recuperating.

The Race of the Century

Tom Tortoise challenges Flash Harry Hare, But while Flash Harry gets distracted signing autographs for his adoring fans, stopping for photo ops, and snacking, Tom Tortoise keeps going, slowly and steadily, to win the race.