We Will Not Be Silent

In his signature eloquent prose, backed up by thorough research, Russell Freedman tells the story of Austrian-born Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie. They belonged to Hitler Youth as young children, but began to doubt the Nazi regime. As older students, the Scholls and a few friends formed the White Rose, a campaign of active resistance to Hitler and the Nazis. Risking imprisonment or even execution, the White Rose members distributed leaflets urging Germans to defy the Nazi government. Their belief that freedom was worth dying for will inspire young readers to stand up for what they believe in. Archival photographs and prints, source notes, bibliography, index.

A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality

Touching on folklore from around the world, famed literary immortals, and studies of animals that seem unaffected by aging, the book delves into topics as diverse as genetics, religious rituals surrounding the afterlife, and research into basic lifestyle choices, like eating blueberries or getting a pet, that could help you live longer. Each page is a playful mix of fascinating facts that open up cross-curricular topics in history, science, and social studies to explore.

The Dolphins Of Shark Bay

The intelligence of dolphins is legendary. Research has shown they can learn simple languages, recognize themselves in mirrors, and understand gestures such as pointing, and are expert vocal mimics.

Bisa Bea, Bisa Bel (Spanish Edition)

Hacer limpieza general puede descubrirnos un mundo. En el cuarto de mi madre -cuenta Bel- había un armario, dentro del armario había un cajón, dentro del cajón había una caja, dentro de la caja había un sobre, dentro del sobre había un montón de retratos, dentro de un retrato estaba Bisa Bea. Y así, de la mano del pasado y del futuro, Bel vivirá su presente.