The Problem Solver

A King and a young woman, from their first meeting, duel with riddles. The young woman, being more intelligent, end up governing the kingdom in a place of the king. The characters in this story challenge each other with riddles. It iris a type of popular story, very common on the Iberian Peninsula, transmitted to the American continent. A folktale from Argentina.

Excuse Me, Is This India?

Illustrated with rich quilts put together with Indian textiles, this whimsical story in verse is an unusual book of travel-through a child’s imagination. Brilliant nonsense verse and exquisite textile art together plot a blithe, philosophic journey through the surreal mixture of places, people and times that is India.

I Am Different! Can You Find Me?

This clever picture book presents sixteen visual puzzles. On every page, readers must pick out the one item that is different from the rest–a different color, a different shape, reversed from left to right, or just asleep when others are awake. The phrase “Can you find me?” is shown in a different language on every page.

While Standing On One Foot: Puzzle Stories And Wisdom Tales From The Jewish Tradition

The wit, wisdom, and lore of Jewish tradition is captured in a collection representing thousands of years’ worth of folktales, legends, and literature, with each story containing an entertaining conundrum that young readers can attempt to solve.

Lehua: A Legend of Old Hawaii

This legend tells of a young girl’s journey to dispel a curse cast upon her for saving the life of a pig. Lehua, the heroine of the story, and ‘Ehu, the pig, travel far distances to solve a riddle that can break the curse. Includes glossary of Hawaiian terms.

The Word Snoop

Meet the Word Snoop. She’s dashing and daring and witty as can be—and no one knows more about the evolution of the English language than she does. Luckily, she’s spilling her secrets in this gem of a book. From the first alphabet in 4000 BC, to anagrams, palindromes, and modern-day text messages, readers will learn all about the fascinating twists and turns our fair language has taken to become what it is today. With playful black-and-white illustrations, riddles to solve, and codes to break, The Word Snoop is definitive proof that words can spark the imagination and are anything but dull. This is a book for every aspiring writer, and every true reader.ima