Burung Camar dan Kokokan/Seagull and Heron

Picks up where the first book left off with Seagull continuing inland from the beach and befriending Heron and Kingfisher along the way. The trio discover a whole new set of environmental problems faced by the children and animals in the cities and surrounding countryside. Readers are also introduced to the local “Pemulung” or scrap collectors in an attempt to explain their very simple and essential role in the process of scrap collecting and recycling on the island’. Source: publisher’s website

Moonsnail Song

April daydreams about the seashore and her search for the moonsnail. Gradually her daydreams become a bedtime lullaby as she drifts in and out of sleep. Reading this book is like holding a seashell to your ear; you can almost hear the pounding of the ocean and smell the sea fresh air.

The Amber Cat

While two friends convalesce from chicken pox, one boy’s mother tells them of a summer, long ago, when she was eleven–just their age–offering a story about a girl named Harriet who would mysteriously come and go at the beach. Who was Harriet? An underlying poignancy adds depth to this winning story with its surprise ending.

Iguana Beach

Little Reina persuades her mother to let her go to the beach with her uncle and cousins, but she has to promise to not go near the waves. It becomes intolerable for her to keep that promise as her cousins frolic in the water–and then she finds a solution to her problem.