Seaside Dream

At a beachside birthday party, a young girl finds a way to give her grandmother the perfect present plus the courage to plan a trip to her home country, Cape Verde.

Hooey Higgins and the Shark

Hooey Higgins is in love–with the massive chocolate egg in Mr. Danson’s shop window. But he and his best friend, Twig, have nowhere near the money they need to buy it. Then a shark is spotted off the coast of Shrimpton-on-Sea, and Hooey and Twig come up with the perfect idea to capture the shark and change people to view it. With Will, Hooey’s older brother, in charge of their foolproof plan to lure the shark to shore, the three set off, equipped with ketchup, a cricket, bat, and some rope. What they find, however, is something so amazing that it will blow the shark plan right out of the water!

Steve Voake introduces Hooey Higgins and his hilarious adventures with his friends and family. With Emma Dodson’s illustrations, readers will discover that there’s never a dull moment in this English seaside town!

Lower the Trap

Graeme knows every inch of his fishing community. What’s left for a future marine biologist to discover? But when Graeme’s dad catches a gargantuan lobster with antennae the size of bicycle spokes, Graeme is fascinated. Graeme is even more excited When his dad promises to put the creature up for auction at the town’s annual lobster festival and, if it gets the highest bid, use the prize money to take Graeme to a marine research aquarium. But what if the right thing would be to set the lobster free? Lower the Trap is the first book in the Lobster Chronicles, a trilogy about what happens in a small coastal town when a giant lobster is caught. Each installment describes the same events through a different boy’s eyes, and the result is three suspenseful, believable stories and an engrossing reading experience.

A Seaside Alphabet

Whether it’s a treasure hunt on Jewell Island, Maine, a sunny afternoon on the rocks at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, or a dip in the ocean on Prince Edward Island, life by the sea is fun. This gloriously illustrated picture book is a celebration of all things coastal: humpback whales, teeming wildlife, and most of all, people who make their homes by the ocean. Seaside life is shown in twenty-six magnificent illustrations. The alliterative text and the detailed notes at the back make the book as informative as it is beautiful. For those lucky enough to have visited the coast, as well as those who only dream of the sea, this book is a feast for the eyes and for the spirit. From the Hardcover edition.