Who Done It?

In this charming book, each page asks the reader a question about the lineup of characters featured on the spread. Sharp eyes and keen observation are necessary. There’s only one right answer, and it’s not always easy! Kids will love learning early concepts like expressions and positions as a natural consequence of their hunt for clues in the details of the lineup.

Bye-Bye Binky

Nora is a big girl now, but she still clings to her pacifier when she gets sleepy. One day it falls out of her pocket while she’s playing outside. Ella Elephant doesn’t know what it is, but she thinks it’ll make a beautiful ring for her trunk. When she too loses it, Lotti Lamb finds it and thinks it’ll make a nice hair clip. One by one different animals find the binky and put it to different uses, only to lose it again. And just when Nora finally finds it, she realizes that maybe she doesn’t need it anymore.