Goodnight, You

In this heartwarming title from the Piggy and Bunny picture book series, the two friends explore what scares them as they prepare for their first campout together. When Bunny admits to being frightened of monsters, Piggy responds that “even if there WAS a monster, I wouldn’t scream like you!” When Bunny asks, “What if the monster GROWLS at you?” Piggy answers, “PWAAT! I can be loud, too!” Then, one by one, all of Bunny’s questions about what to do if a monster came near are countered confidently by Piggy.

The Black Rabbit

Rabbit has a problem. There’s a large black rabbit chasing him. No matter where he runs — behind a tree, over the river — the shadowy rabbit follows. Finally in the deep, dark wood, Rabbit loses his nemesis — only to encounter a real foe! Kids who like to be in on the secret will revel in this humorous look at shadows and friendship, brought to light by a talented animator.

See the review at WOW Review, Volume VII, Issue 3

In Shadowland

One winter night, the shadows are interrupted at their games as the Shadowland watchman sees a poor little match girl standing barefoot in the snow in a town in the real world. Deserting his post, he dashes to her rescue, lighting match after match to keep the girl warm. But matches bring shadows, and soon the two worlds–of people and of shadows–are in an uproar, and the watchman and the little match girl must run for their lives.