The Song Of Delphine

Poor Delphine is all alone. She has no family and no friends, and as a servant in Queen Theodora’s palace, her life is full of work. Fortunately, Delphine loves to sing, and if her spirits are down, songs bring her comfort and cheer. When young Princess Beatrice comes to live at the palace, Delphine is excited at first, but the unkind princess only makes Delphine’s life more miserable.

The Churki-Burki Book Of Rhyme

Meet Churko and burki, the rhyming sister, and spend a day with them in their billage, playing and singing songs.  Adapted from the Gond arist Durga Bai’s rendering of her own childhood in her village Paranghr, this is a merry tale of fun and rhyme.

Pin Pin Sarabin

Songs and games bring together, every afternoon, children of diverse backgrounds. This wonderful celebration of the magic of traditional folklore is also a starting point for discussing the elimination of prejudice and discrimination.