Let’s Eat

Little Antonio introduces his extended family and explains that Mama is the biggest because “she is going to have a baby any day now.” Everyday she sends the boy to gather the family for their midday meal. On Monday, Papa can’t leave his busy carpentry shop. On Tuesday, his sister Alicia is learning to dance the sevillanas for the summer fiesta. Day after day, when there is an empty seat at the table that Papa built and Mama has filled with inviting food, she sighs, “Ay, que pena! What a pity.” Eventually, it is Mama herself who is missing because it’s time for her to have baby Rosa.

A Gift of Gracias: The Legend of Altagracia

After their olive crop fails, Maria fears that her family will have to abandon their farm on the new island colony. Then, one night she dreams of a mysterious beautiful lady shrouded by trees with branches hung with hundreds of little suns. They are oranges like the ones Maria’s parents once ate in their homeland, Valencia, Spain. That very day Maria and her family plant the seeds that soon yield a magnificent orange grove and save the farm. But who was the mysterious lady who appeared in her dream and will Maria ever find her again?

Tales Of Don Quixote

Never one to lose faith in his conviction that he is a knight from the books of chivalry, Don Quixote is up off his sickbed and back upon his faithful steed, Rocinante.  At his side, the long suffering squire, Sancho Panza, endures the rigors of his station, as his master sets out to right wrongs, defend the weak and on this final sally, disenchant his Lady Fair Dulcinea.