Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Springs Into Action

In this sequel, Freddie has shoes that give him super speed. It’s hard to be a superhero and a regular kid at the same time, especially when your shoes give you even more power! Freddie needs an on/off switch for his super speed, so Mr. Vaslov, who created the shoes, decides to invent a remote control, but he gets more than he planned. When his young neighbor’s ball goes missing, Freddie uses his new powers to find it… and save Mr. Vaslov!

Candle Man, Book Two: The Society of Dread

Dr. Saint is no more, Lord Dove has disappeared, and the Dodo has slipped back into seclusion. But for Theo Wickland, descendent of the Victorian crime fighter of legend, The Candle Man, the adventure is just beginning. Now head of the Society of Good Works, Theo is determined to turn the activities of the order toward the betterment of humanity, starting with bringing the Network, the fascinating, secret underground maze of tunnels, back to its former glory. But dark forces still lurk below the London streets–mysterious–creatures, and enemies of the Candle Man, long thought dead. They continue to plot the downfall of the world. Old enemies become new allies as Theo cobbles together a group to stop the sinister plans of these evil beings before they prove deadly. It is up to the new Candle Man and his Society of Dread to snuff out these nefarious plans, before it’s too late.

Super Chicken Nugget Boy Vs. Dr. Ned-Grant And His Eggplant Army

The nugget is back! After his tasty alter-ego felled the Furious Fry, Fern Goldberg went back to being a normal fourth grader. But not for long. Bert Lahr Elementary is about to be thrown into chaos by a mad food scientist and an army of evil eggplants bent on world domination!Villainous vegetables beware! Here comes the most formidable food fighter in history!

Mungo and the Spiders from Space

When the pages of his comic book are ripped out and he is suddenly pulled inside the book itself, Mungo has to use all his courage and wit to beat Dr. Frankenstinker at his own game in order to get back home safely.


Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue

Little guinea pig is obsessed with his favorite TV show and with its star, Super Guinea Pig. Every day he tunes in to watch Super Guinea Pig save the world from evil and terrible disasters. And every day he ignores his friends—an old hound dog, a yellow bird, and a plump goldfish—to watch his hero. When they start making fun of little guinea pig and asking why his new best friend never visits him, he dresses up as Super Guinea Pig to teach his friends a lesson. Leaping and acting like his hero, little guinea pig gets himself into a bit of trouble and calls upon Super Guinea Pig for help. His real friends save him the day.

Mo’s Mischief: Four Troublemakers

Meet the mischievous star of China’s bestselling series! Mo Shen Ma and his friends, Hippo, Penguin, Monkey, and Bat Ears enjoy playing superheroes. But Mo and his friends only have one superpower: getting into trouble.  Part of an ongoing series.