On the Shoulder of a Giant

Inukpak was big, even for a giant. One day when he came across a little hunter on the tundra and decided to adopt him. And so, from the shoulder of one of the biggest giants to ever roam the Arctic, this hunter experiences Inukpak’s world.

Amzat & His Brothers

amzatThe tales–the title story, “Mezgalten,” and “Olimpia, Cucol, and the Door”–come from the Tuscan village of Pianoro Vecchio and were told to the author by a friend. In all three tales, misfortune is reversed, cleverness rewarded–and storytelling language relished. Two-color illustrations.

Fair Is Fair

A lawyer and storyteller presents an international collection of folklore–from ancient Greece, Morocco, Germany, China, and Ireland–that provides revealing insights into our conception of justice, crime and punishment, and other legal issues. 30,000 first printing.

On Ramon’s Farm: Five Tales of Mexico

All of Ramon’s farm animals make a unique sound as he tends to them. Every animal has its own silly story, but Ramon has the last word At the end of each one, he makes up a verse that sums up each lovable animal’s personality. Full color.

Where Angels Glide at Dawn: New Stories from Latin America

A unique collection of contemporary Latin American stories. These tales represent a variety of countries and a wide range of voices. This anthology is a superb medley of Latin Anerica’s diverse cultures and literatures.

Emerald Lizard (World Storytelling)

For the past three decades, Pleasant DeSpain has explored Latin America,_its countries, countrysides, customs, cultures, and especially, its stories. While his repertoire of traditional world folktales includes narratives from almost every culture around the globe, DeSpain’s talent shines even brighter when relating the legends from Latin America. His exploration of the heart and soul of this enormous region demonstrates his passion for Latin America and its people and their stories.