Tooth On The Loose

An original take on losing a tooth. This little girl has tried everything to make her loose tooth come out before her dad’s birthday (except letting her brother yank it) so she’ll have money to buy him a gift. Nothing has worked and now it’s the big day. She just can’t go to his party empty handed! At the last second, her mom helps her think of a gift that doesn’t require any money—just imagination and heart. I have no dinero, this card’s all I’ve got. But, Papi, te quiero, I love you a lot. And her dad couldnÂ’t be happier. Susan Middleton Elya’s trademark mix of Spanish vocabulary and fun verse combined with vibrant paintings by Jenny Mattheson will inspire lots of homemade gifts (and patience with loose teeth).

I Lost My Tooth in Africa

More than anything, Amina wants to lose her loose tooth while visiting her family in Mali, West Africa. Only then can she put it under a gourd for the African tooth fairy, who will exchange it for two chickens! Happily this happens, and even better, the chickens lay eggs. But will the eggs hatch before it’s time to return home to America? In this fresh, spontaneous story that is infused with close family warmth, Penda June Diakité joins forces with her award-winning author/artist father to give a charming peek at everyday life in Mali.

Featured in Volume 1, Issue 3 of WOW Review.