Horns, airplanes, and tops. Whistles, gum, and rings. What toys should the children choose? How many candies will they buy? And what will they do with all the things they buy? Open this book to find out and to count with them–in English and in Spanish. It’s easy!

Trompetas, aviones y trompos. Silbatos, chicle y anillos. Cuáles juguetes eligirán los niños? Cuántos dulces comprarán? Y, qué harán con las cosas que comprarán? Abre este libro para contestar esta pregunta y para contar con ellos–en español y en inglés. Verás que es fácil!

Red Ted and the Lost Things

When a teddy bear is accidentally left on the seat of a train, he uses his ingenuity–and some new friends–to search for the little girl who lost him.

The Little Toy Shop

Come and explore Mr. Kringle’s special little toy shop, where he spends his days helping every customer find just the right toy. When a box arrives at the shop with a small stuffed bunny inside, Mr. Kringle determines to find him a loving home in time for Christmas. Could the little girl who peers through the toy-shop window be the one who provides just the home he seeks?Meet Teddy, the stuffed bear who befriends Bunny, and watch their friendship deepen as, one by one, the other toys leave the shop. Will the little girl who stared at Bunny through the window ever come back to claim him?Frances Wolfe’s vibrant paintings complement her poignant prose in this heartwarming tale of love lost and found for the young and the young at heart.


Thing-Thing was neither a Teddy bear nor a rabbit; not a stuffed dog or cat. It was something like each of those, and nothing at all you could name. But it had something special. It had the hope that one day it would find a child to love it and talk to it and make it tea parties and take it to bed. A child it could love back. Certainly Archibald Crimp was not that child. He had just thrown Thing-Thing out the open sixth-floor window of the Excelsior Hotel. Oh, dear, thought Thing-Thing to itself. This is bad, this is very bad.