The Mystery Of The House Of Pigeons

A trinket-seller thinks he has found the son of his dead employer who owned the jewels of Samarkand. He hopes the boy will lead him to the jewels and tells him to beware of the House of Pigeons. The boy’s sister and friend think the old man is crazy as he always calls Parvez by the wrong name.

The Rogues (Stuart Quartet)

After his family is evicted from their Scottish farm, fifteen-year-old Roddy forms an unlikely friendship with a notorious rogue who helps him outwit a tyrant landlord in order to find a family treasure and make his way to America.

The Seven Keys Of Balabad

Welcome to Balabad, birthplace of the international secret society known as the Brotherhood of Arachosia. And rumored hiding place of the grandest riches the world has ever known. Balabad is also the country Oliver Finch calls home ever since his father was reassigned to this dull, war-torn dust bowl.Each day runs into the next for Oliver until a 500-year-old sacred carpet is stolen. Then one of the few friends he has disappears. Oliver is determined to figure out what exactly is going on. But in order to do that he’ll have consult with a one-eyed warrior, track down the far-flung members of the Brotherhood, and unlock a centuries-old secret! Suddenly, life in Balabad for Oliver has become a whole lot more interesting . . . and dangerous.

The Silver Casket (Something Wickedly Weird)

SOMETHING WICKEDLY WEIRD IS HERE  The only thing worse than pirates are undead pirates. He might have survived the first two books, but Stanley Buggles has hardly found a quiet life in his home of Cramdon Rock. Now there are two more dead pirates out to find Stanely, and this time there’s an army with them. They want the precious key to the Silver Casket. Stanley doesn’t know what’s inside the Silver Casket, but he and his friends will do everything in their power to not find out.