Sister Rabbit’s Tricks

Sister Rabbit enjoys visiting her friends and relatives in the forest. She also enjoys playing tricks on the other animals, and sometimes Rabbit’s tricks get her into trouble.

Inspired by the many rabbit stories from the pueblos of New Mexico, this story of Sister Rabbit and her antics shows us a trickster animal, wily and lovable, who can fool her friends but needs to learn some lessons about how to get along in life.

Tomfoolery: Trickery And Foolery With Words

Alvin Schwartz and Glen Rounds team up once again to preserve the heritage of American folklore in this hilarious compilation of word tricks and verbal hocus-pocus. The compilation of funny folklore has lots of riddles with ridiculous answers, very tall talk and an endless array of tales.

This for That

Rabbit tricks the other animals of the African plain into giving her food and other treats.

Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures #7: The Flying Chinese Wonders

There’s no place on Earth a flat kid can’t go! Stanley accidentally caused twin acrobats Yin and Yang to take a tumble, right before their Chinese New Year show. Yang’s foot is broken–but luckily, Flat Stanley is flexible enough to take his place. To make up for his mistake, Stanley travels to China to help out–but can he learn all their amazing tricks in time?

Traveling Tom and the Leprechaun

Like many before him, Tom, a traveling minstrel, has fallen in love at first sight with the beautiful princess Kathleen. But Kathleen has vowed only to marry the man who can win a leprechaun’s pot of gold. Tom sets out with a clever plan to fool a leprechaun into giving up his fortune. Upon meeting one of the fair folk, Tom charms him with songs and stories. As it turns out, however, Tom’s tales hold more truth than trick.

The Rich Man and the Parrot

In this retelling of a tale by Rumi, a parrot tricks a wealthy merchant into setting him free.