Aliens In Underpants Save The World

Aliens love underpants. It’s lucky that they do. For underpants saved our universe. Sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Aliens in Underpants are back and on a mission to save the Earth from a meteor that is plummeting toward it! What will happen to their supply of underpants?

Bob & Co

“Who left the sun in the bathroom again? Where does the story begin?” There are so many questions in the world of “Bob & Co”. Its no wonder that Bob needs a page of quiet now and then to think them over. Irreverently tackling the big questions of life, the universe, and everything with abundant humor and captivating illustrations, “Bob & Co” is a unique, charming, and sometimes bafflingly inventive book that every inquisitive child (and adult) will treasure and adore.

Big and Small, Room for All

A captivating look at how a child, fits into the great, big universe around us. “Big sky, big sky, what is bigger than the sky? ”In this clever concept book for young readers, award-winning author Jo Ellen Bogart explores the size of animate and inanimate objects and their place in the universe. She introduces children to the concept of “we” — that humans are a big part of the world, but a small part of existence. In the vastness of the universe, with galaxies swirling through space, the book begins with simple words printed on the darkness. Moving closer to our world, we see the solar system, our sun at the center. Closer still, we see the huge ball of fire, which is the sun, and the third planet out from it — our blue Earth. From Earth looming huge on the page, young readers view smaller and smaller objects, from mountain to tree to man to child to kitten to mouse to flea to microscopic beings, amazing in their complexity. Accompanied by artist Gillian Newland’s lavish watercolor paintings, Big and Small, Room for All places the immensity and wonder of space in perspective so young readers comprehend they are part of creation, but a small part of all that exists.