Flibbertigibbety Words: Young Shakespeare Chases Inspiration

With Quotes And Sly References To The Famous Works Of William Shakespeare And The Words He Invented, This Adventurous Ode To Language Will Delight Readers Young And Old. It All Starts One Morning When Words Fly Into William’s Window. He Wants To Catch Them, But They Are Flibbertigibbety And Quick And Slip Right Through His Fingers. Soon Whole Lines Of Verse Are Leading Him On A Wild Goose Chase As They Tumble, Dip, Flip And Skip All Through Town, Past A Host Of Colorful Characters The Observant Reader May Find As Familiar As The Quotes. William Remains Persistent, And With Time And The Proper Tools He Finds A Way To Keep The Words With Him.


Set against the moody backdrop of eleventh-century Scotland, Gareth Hinds’s captivating, richly illustrated interpretation takes readers into the claustrophobic mind of a man driven mad by ambition. An evil seed takes root in the mind of Macbeth, a general in the king’s army, when three witches tell him he will one day be king. At the urging of his wife, he resolves to take the throne by the most direct path: a dagger in the heart of King Duncan.

The Young Person’s Guide To Shakespeare: [Book-and-Cd Set]

Who was Shakespeare, and why has his work remained so compelling to us for so many centuries? With conversational text, informative sidebars, and full-color photographs, The Young Person’s Guide to Shakespeare makes Shakespeare’s life and work accessible to young readers. Topics addressed include Shakespeare’s youth, marriage, and family life; the fascinating story of the Globe Theatre and Shakespeare’s life as a playwright and actor in London; an introduction to Shakespeare’s plays and the challenges of performing them; and Shakespeare’s enduring legacy–the enormous influence he still holds over the arts, culture, language, and society hundreds of years later.

The Boy, the Bear, the Baron, the Bard

A comic romp through Shakespeare’s London featuring an intrepid little boy, a friendly bear, and-in the role of dastardly villain-the Bard himself. What happens when a boy bursts through the curtain of a deserted theatre and onto the world’s most famous stage? He lands on the Bard himself and the chase is on-through the streets of Shakespeare’s London. This is a rare and inventive visual feast-a runaway story about a curious boy, a magic cloak, a grumpy bard, a captive bear and a baron bound for the chopping block. It is also a richly illustrated, dramatic and very funny tale of adventure and friendship.

King Lear

A taut adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterwork by Gareth Hinds — the standard-bearer of graphic-novel retellings of literary classics.In a graceful adaptation, Gareth Hinds transforms Shakespeare’s timeless tale of pride and defiance, loyalty and ambition, betrayal and revenge into graphic-novel format, packing it with visual drama and providing accessible notes. This artful edition — like an extraordinary stage performance — offers a striking new perspective on one of the most powerful and beloved tragedies in the English language. Incorporating excerpts from the bard’s own language, Gareth Hinds’s inventive format opens the experience of KING LEAR to students and fans of graphic literature.

The Two Loves of Will Shakespeare

Young William Shakespeare should be taking his glove-making apprenticeship much more seriously. However, carousing with his friends, carrying on with women, and sneaking off to see plays are all higher priorities for him. All this changes when Will’s best friend, Richard, asks him to write and deliver sonnets to a young woman, pretending the love poems are from Richard. Once Will lays eyes on the exquisitely beautiful Anne Whateley, he is deeply in love. He wants more than anything to make himself into a man worthy of such a young woman. But entanglements with a certain Anne Hathaway, the discovery of an old prank, and his distracted nature all complicate matters for the future Bard of Avon. In this highly entertaining historical novel Laurie Lawlor imagines how there came to be two different marriage license applications taken out on consecutive dates in November of 1582 between eighteen-year-old William Shakespeare and two different women both named Anne.

Wicked Will: A Mystery of Young William Shakespeare

To the outside world, Tom Pryne is an orphan traveling Elizabethan England with his uncle-s theater troupe. In actuality, -Tom- is Viola, in disguise because her parents- Catholic sympathies have put them at odds with the law and forced them into hiding. When the troupe arrives in the sleepy little town of Stratford-on-Avon, Viola-s uncle is arrested for murder, and she joins forces with young Will Shakespeare, a local boy with a penchant for trouble and a smart turn of phrase, to uncover the real culprit.