Global Literacy Communities: Teacher Book Clubs and Global Explorations

Getting Started with Global Literature in the High School English Classroom

Stephanie Eberhard

My journey with integrating a new multicultural perspective in my classroom has yet to begin. I have reveled in being part of our Teacher Talk learning community and have been eager to contribute to our monthly discussions, responding to our readings and supporting my colleagues’ experiences with literature. The student population I work with is very homogeneous, culturally and economically. I know they require a wider lens to be prepared to enter the world outside of their K-12 schooling. As we have begun curriculum adjustments to accommodate the common core requirement to read more non-fiction at the high school level, I am appreciative of the Worlds of Words website resources. This Teacher Talk group allows for professionals from all levels to gain perspective and turnkey that to our students. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn from my colleagues in Teacher Talk and appreciate all of the support and meaningful reflection.

Stephanie Eberhard is an English teacher at Bayport-BluePoint High School in Center Moriches, New York. She is also a doctoral student in Literacy Studies at Hofstra University.

One thought on “Global Literacy Communities: Teacher Book Clubs and Global Explorations

  1. Maggie Burns says:

    I have only just begun to explore your work on this webpage but am so interested in delving deeper and applying some of this work in my own practice. The text sets, materials, and activities you have posted are very informative and helpful. You have done a lot of research and leg work that many classroom teachers are not able to do AND provided a guide for those of us who would like to engage in this type process.
    Your packet on Burma is especially interesting to me as I work with a large population of Burmese refugees.
    Thank you for sharing your work.
    I am interested to know how your reading specialists fit into this exploration?
    Thank you again,
    Maggie Burns

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