Middle School Reading Ambassador Application

Applications for the Middle School Reading Ambassador initiative is open for Fall/Spring 2021/22.

This program positions local 6 through 8th graders as reading ambassadors in their own high schools. WOW Middle School Reading Ambassadors interact with published authors of young adult literature, receive books by that author and share their experience with their peers to promote reading in their school communities. This initiative is administered by WOW in the University of Arizona College of Education. For more information, visit our ambassador page.

Applications Due: Ongoing

First Meeting: September 25, 2021

Middle School Reading Ambassador Application

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Worlds of Words follows University of Arizona policies regarding unenrolled minors. This includes policies around virtual meetings. For more information about Youth Safety on the UArizona campus, please visit the Office of Youth Safety website.

Predicted Schedule for Ambassadors

August 28, 2021: Orientation
September 25, 2021: Lit Discussion
October 23, 2021: Author Event
November 20, 2021: Lit Discussion
December 4 or 11, 2021: Author Event
Nothing in January 2022
February 2022: Lit Discussion, TBD
March 2022: Tucson Festival of Books, TBD
April 2022: Lit Discussion, TBD
May 2022: Author Event, TBD
TBD: Certificate Presentation