Press Here

Press the yellow dot on the cover of this book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey! Each page of this surprising book instructs the reader to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next! Children and adults alike will giggle with delight as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size! Especially remarkable because the adventure occurs on the flat surface of the simple, printed page, this unique picture book about the power of imagination and interactivity will provide read-aloud fun for all ages!

6 thoughts on “Press Here

  1. Jean Schroeder says:

    I have read this book in pre-K, Kinder, First and Second grades. All loved it. The response was “Read it again!!” Teachers interacted with the story as well as the students. It was requested by every teacher when they could order books for their rooms. Besides all the concepts it touches on, it is just plain fun!!

  2. Mary Fahrenbruck says:

    I shared this book with a group of mothers with young children. They were delighted with the text in that the narrator warmly invites and encourages readers to physically interact with the book. Often times, they pointed out, children are discouraged from rubbing, blowing and shaking a book!

  3. This book greatly honors nature of play that young children are ready to participate most of times. Reacting to those dots as if they are real marbles is fun and engaging. This book will be great even for older students for a quick “refreshing” activity. I specially like how those texts sound responsive just like an experienced teacher’s oral instructions.

  4. LaFon Phillips says:

    This sounds very intriguing…I will have to investigate this book and see how my preschool student responds to it. Thanks for the discussion.

  5. Sandy Kaser says:

    The grandmother recommendation is good enough for me. I will head out soon and pick it up. Thanks for the personal stories from both of you!

  6. Marilyn Carpenter & Barbara Thompson Book says:

    When I first read this book by myself I wasn’t sure of its child appeal. Then I read starred reviews about it, and took some time to carefully reread it. Now I see how a child would love its interactive appeal. But, I still haven’t had an opportunity to share it with a child. Have you? Marilyn

    Saw it posted as a “guaranteed” Batchelder Award winner, so I bought it. When I saw it, I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends who have young children. They immediately saw the appeal. However, it wasn’t until I took it home to my own grandchildren that I was rewarded with the awe it inspires in little ones.

    Yesterday, I did a parent workshop and shared Press Here with the parents. They saw the books interactive possibilities immediately. One child came in afterwards to see “the dot” book. Two of the parents had spoken about the challenge they have with their young children sitting still for a long story. Press Here showed them how to involve the child in the read aloud experience. Marilyn

    I gave this book to my one year grandson telling his mother that it was probably a little old for him, but perhaps by next year he would enjoy it. She called me back a couple of weeks later and said that Wyatt loved the book (he’s now 17 months old). It’s in my basket of books in our living room and it’s now the first book all the kids dive for when they want Baba to read to them. Barb

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