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Worlds of Words builds bridges across global cultures through children’s and adolescent literature. Browse a list of resources available on our site.

WOW Currents
Worlds of Words discusses global perspectives, starting with 14 Cows for AmericaThis year’s incoming high school freshman are too young to remember the events of September 11, 2001 and their understandings may be limited to a paragraph in a text book. Using this as a springboard, September’s WOW Currents by Janelle Mathis focuses on children’s literature that offers diverse, global perspectives and nurtures a critical mindset for understanding societal issues..

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My Take/Your Take
Worlds of Words provides two takes on The Whisper by Pamela ZagarenskiThis September, Kathleen Crawford-McKinney and Jean Schroeder share their take on Imagination in Children’s Books.

In happy hours, when the imagination
Wakes like a wind at midnight, and the soul
Trembles in all its leaves, it is a joy
To be uplifted on its wings and listen
To the prophetic voices in the air
That call us onward.
~ Longefllow

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WOW Review
Worlds of Words publishes WOW Review: Reading Across CulturesWe take a deep look at twelve books in WOW Review, Volume VIII, Issue 4, Literature as a Key to Possibility, to consider how literature has the power to unlock potential, open possibilities, allow for discovery, and set one free–as well as to close doors.

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WOW Stories
WOW Stories: Connections from the ClassroomWorlds of Words publishes WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom features Stories as Invitation and Transformation: Global Literature Integration across Multiple Contexts to examine how stories, both personal and those found in literature, invites students to explore themselves and their relationship to global issues and cultures.

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