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Our mission is to build bridges across global cultures through children’s and adolescent literature. Browse a list of resources available on our site.

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Free Guide on Global Literature and Intercultural Understanding

CoverLongviewWe can open the world for children through opening their minds with literature. In classrooms across the U.S., teachers who have a vision and an opportunity to collaborate are creating spaces for global literature in their classrooms.

A new guide, Exploring International and Intercultural Understanding through Global Literature, provides examples of how K-12 teachers worked together in study groups to integrate global children’s and adolescent literature in their schools. The guide includes links to teacher vignettes that provide rich details of classroom experiences and books that encourage global perspectives along with structures for teacher study groups.

This work is a collaboration between the Longview Foundation for International Affairs and Worlds of Words and is available for free download here. Download your free copy and start your own reading community today!


WOW Currents

ReflectionWOW Currents examines diverse topics connected to global children’s and adolescent literature.

Are American texts for children based more in reality Do they require a clear cut moral message? Read Notes from a Small Island: Examining Recent Award-Winning Books from the United Kingdom.

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My Take/Your Take: Book Dialogues

One book . . .

Two readers . . .

Two perspectives . . .

.Your Take?

Enjoy a truly unique book that has won multiple awards. See our take on Last Stop on Market Street.

A thematic index of books featured on My Take/Your Take.
An older archive of books . . .

WOW Review


****Just Published****.

WOW Review Volume VIII, Issue 2 has reviews of amazing books addressing movement, transition, and change over time including picture books and chapter formats while highlighting multiple genres.


WOW Stories

WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom features Stories as Invitation and Transformation: Global Literature Integration across Multiple Contexts to examine how stories, both personal and those found in literature, invites students to explore themselves and their relationship to global issues and cultures.


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WOW Stories and WOW Review are accepting submissions. Our two online journals are available to you without subscription, membership, or fee requirements. We are proud to offer these journals and want to hear from you. E-mail us with questions, feedback, and submissions.

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    WOW Stories is also calling for manuscripts focusing on an Investigations and Innovations in exploring intercultural understandings with children (Deadline: February. 15, 2016).

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    The Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison show a continued decline in the number of books depicting characters of color in 2013. Read more . . .

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