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WOW Review

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The books reviewed for WOW Review Volume VII, Issue 3 includes chapter books that reflect variations on the theme of youth resistance and resilience while the picture books provide universal experiences to which young readers around the world can connect.


WOW Currents

WOW Currents examines diverse topics connected to global children’s and adolescent literature.

In this week’s WOW Currents Bagram Ibatoulline and author-illustrator Eugene Yelchin share, the Tucson Festival of Books, how their experiences as Russian-born artists had influenced their work.

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My Take/Your Take: Book Dialogues

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Your Take?

Journey, uncomfortably, with Rachel and her family as they try to escape the Russian pogroms in the early 1900’s through the book Rachel’s Promise.

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WOW Stories

In this issue of WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom, Developing Engagements with Global Literature, teachers explored strategies that would engage students in making connections with global literature and enhance their intercultural understandings.


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    The Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison show a continued decline in the number of books depicting characters of color in 2013. Read more . . .

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