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Our mission is to build bridges across global cultures through children’s and adolescent literature. Browse a list of resources available on our site.

.WOW Review

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WOW Review, Vol. VI, Issue 3 features books that take readers across continents and across time with stories that are as universal as they are unique in that they reveal how people face challenges, disasters, relationships, and daily life in both realistic and fantasy-driven ways.


WOW Currents

WOW Currents examines diverse topics connected to global children’s and adolescent literature.

Global Inquiry and Content Teaching through the “Stories of a Discipline”: Science focuses on helping students develop a “respect for the ability of humans to adapt to their natural environments.”

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My Take/Your Take: Book Dialogues

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Your Take?

Meet the Artist! Alexander Calder, by Patricia Geis and published by Princeton Architectural Press, is a highly interactive book about Calder that allows readers  to create their own “sculptures.”

WOW Stories

In this issue of WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom, Developing Engagements with Global Literature, teachers explored strategies that would engage students in making connections with global literature and enhance their intercultural understandings.

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