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WOW Review
We take a deep look at twelve books in WOW Review Volume VIII, Issue 4, Literature as a Key to Possibility, to consider how literature has the power to unlock potential, open possibilities, allow for discovery, and set one free–as well as to close doors.

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WOW Currents
baddawi_coverSeemi continues her look at Refugee and Migrant Narratives in Baddawi by Leila Abdelrazaq. In this book, young Ahmad struggles to find himself and his identity growing up in a refugee camp, a place he cannot call home. Learn more about Baddawi, including two places where readers can find additional information on the author and publisher.

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My Take/Your Take: Book Dialogues
A Time to Dance

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.Your Take?

We continue July’s focus on Young People’s Inner Journey to Grow and Discover Their Agency with two takes on A Time to Dance by Padma Venkatraman, in which Veda experiences a traumatic life-altering event and she must find the strength to learn to live with her new situation.

A thematic index of books featured on My Take/Your Take.
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WOW Stories
WOW Stories: Connections from the Classroom features Stories as Invitation and Transformation: Global Literature Integration across Multiple Contexts to examine how stories, both personal and those found in literature, invites students to explore themselves and their relationship to global issues and cultures.

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